Complete Collision Repair Service

An accident can severely impact the exterior condition and look of your vehicle. While a small scratch, bump or dent may not be detectable from a distance, on closer view, it may be an eye sore.

This is why it is important to take your vehicle to a professional service to get it restored to its original condition. Ventura Collision Center is auto collision repair shop ventura, CA and we have expert employes and technicians who can repair all kinds of damage, big or small.

Ventura collision repair offers a complete range of repair services using the conventional and paintless dent removal techniques. Ventura provides complete repair service for all types of collisions. Our technicians can work wonders and make your vehicle come back to life. Our collision repair service offers unique benefits that make us stand out from the crowd. Some of our technicians have been in the auto body repair industry for decades. Their level of experience and knowledge of body repair are impressive. As part of the repair process, we can repair vehicle interiors, wheels and headlamps. You can get in touch with our service to find out more or book an order online through our website.

Complete Auto Paint Repair Service

The body paint for a motor vehicle serves two purposes. First, it provides a layer of protective coating for your car. This keeps the body from coming into contact with contaminants and toxic elements in the air. The paint protects the car from rust and damage.

The paint also gives your car a great look, style and a polished outer surface. A good paint job completed by experienced professionals can make even an average car look amazing.

Ventura Collision Center auto paint shop provides an exceptional service for auto body repair and paints within the city of Ventura, CA. We have many years of experience in auto body repair and paint refinishing. We can do a timely and high-quality paint job at affordable rates. Our service covers paint jobs for minor damage as well as major collisions. We work with both domestic and foreign vehicles and use the latest equipment and techniques to complete paint repairs to give your vehicle an amazing finish.

Excellent Auto Frame Repair Service

Today’s vehicles utilize a unibody frame construction, much different than the old ladder frame style assemblies. This new type of frame construction is designed to push collision energy away from the people in the car. Frame damage may occur even in minor collisions. Proper diagnosis of frame damage is critical in the repair process.

Think of the frame as the bone structure in a person’s body. Just as an accident can dislocate a joint or cause a bone to become chipped, the same can happen to the frame of a vehicle. Frame repair is critical to ensuring that your can runs smoothly. If a damaged frame is not repaired it can cause further damage to the adjoining components and parts over time.

Ventura Collision Center Auto frame repair shop and Ventura uses a sophisticated computer laser measuring system and frame bench to analyze the damage to your vehicle. Our technicians can detect even the smallest degree of deviation and will bring your vehicle back to factory specifications.